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Act! Premium for WEB

The new way to access your Act data

In fact, it’s Act! Premium in the cloud. How cool is that!

Selling effectively depends on everything related to your contacts and calendar being in one organized place – including phone numbers, emails, meeting notes, to-dos, and documents – for everyone you do business with. With Act! for Web you’re informed and prepared for every interaction with your customers, both in the office and on popular mobile devices.

Act! Premium For Web brings additional convenience to your Act! sales automation software. Based on your Act! Premium database, the Web application is installed on your own web server* which means that you can access your database on a laptop or PC through a web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer.

You get the full installed experience (with a few minor exceptions) without actually having to install any software locally on your PC

Better still, the Act! for Web application is supplied free of charge when you purchase Act! Premium, so you can mix-and-match how you access your Act! data depending on where you are.

And it gets even better, because once you set up Act! for Web you also have access via the Act! Mobile interface on you mobile phone or tablet. See below for more details.


  • Enjoy on-demand access to Act! Premium from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, with expert support included!
  • Forget about the technical details. Automatic setup, backups, and upgrades ensure a worry-free experience which will please your I.T. people
  • Live data updates instantly in both directions. If the office adds a meeting for you, you can see the details instantly when you’re travelling
  • Affordable, subscription options enable you to pay-as-you-go so no up-front software costs.

If you would like to see Act! for Web in action take a look at our demo site. Act! for Web Demo. Log in as “Chris Huffman”, leave the Password blank. (Note that this demonstration database is hosted as in the same secure UK datacenter as the one we provide for clients).

All Act! Premium products come complete with 12 months Act! Business Care – expert technical support direct from the UK Act! Support Team.

We recommend that the installation and configuration of Act! Premium Products (Act! Premium and Act! for Web) is supported by one of our Accredited Act! Product Specialists – please call 01902 756836 for a great quotation for on-site support.

*It is the client’s responsibility to provide a functioning IIS web server. It’s standard windows stuff your IT support should be able to set up easily. Alternatively we can host the system for your in our partner datacenter. (See Hosted Act!). Please call us if you need help or advice.

Act! Mobile

You’re going places. And to keep that momentum going, it’s critical that your business command center go with you. With Act! Premium Mobile* you can travel light and stay connected by accessing your Act! contact and calendar and details from your iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ device. Stay productive and keep your conversations fluid with the convenience of using familiar functionality to view and capture important customer information in real-time on your favorite supported device. Move forward confidently knowing updates are securely shared in the database as soon as you touch the save button. All the robust functionality you’re accustomed to, now with easier access and immediate updates.

  • Travel light and stay connected with real-time, mobile access to your Act! Premium contact and calendar details from your iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ device.
  • Boost your effectiveness in the field with the ability to view, add, and edit Act! contact details, notes, history, meetings, and activities.
  • Conduct a global search on any text field, even attachments, to find precisely what you need, when you need it—fast.
  • Improve productivity with a clean interface that features single-click efficiency and follows familiar Act! functionality like capturing conversation notes after a call, and immediately adding to history in the database.
  • Easily configure and personalize contact layout settings to match your work style.
  • Keep everyone in your collective virtual office up-to-date and on the same page since workgroups have secured, shared access to the most recent Act! details.
  • Get the most out of using Act! Premium, because Act! Premium Mobile is included with your purchase!

* Requires the purchase of Act! Premium and the configuration of your own IIS web server.
* Requires internet access on your mobile from a standard HTML5 browser.


Want to see what it looks like? Take a look at our demo site. Open the web browser on your phone or tablet and type in  Log in as User: Chris Huffman (no password). You would normally save this address as a favourite on your mobile for quick access next time.

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of setting up your own web server, you could consider HandHeld Contact instead. It’s easy to set up and only costs around £1 per user per week.

Act! for Web+Mobile Hosted

If you like the idea of using your Act! database from your browser or mobile phone or tablet, but you don’t want to get involved with all the techie stuff, we can “host” the system for you.

Hosted Act!