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Now you can benefit from ON-SITE ACT! Training for all your ACT! users

Obtaining your ACT! software is just the first step to maximising your full sales potential. Having competent, trained staff is the key to fully exploit its potential and really make it fly and gain a significant edge over your competitors.

This is where we can make a difference. Whether it’s a new system or you need some specialist top-up or “plateau buster” ACT training we can help. Have a  Certified ACT trainer support you at your premises.  Our ACT Training workshops are carefully designed to be relevent to all versions of ACT! and all abilities, whether a new ACT! user or ACT! administrator.

We have standard courses, or we can adapt the ACT training programme to your specific needs and requirements. And remember, we are ACT! Training specialists and use ACT! ourselves, everyday, as a key part of our own business.

Train your people on your database , at your premises – and there’s usually no charge for travel or expenses. It doesn’t get better than that.
Some of the “Standard” courses we run include:

One-Day ACT! Training Courses at Your Premises

This is our most popular ACT! training day and suits both beginners and current users alike. In the morning we show you all the tools in the ACT! sales and marketing tool box and identify which are of most benefit to your business. In the afternoon we develop your experience of these elements using real-world examples from your own database. More details here.

Download typical one-day Act! training course content [PDF]

Two-Day ACT! Training Packages at Your Premises.

This option is favoured by clients who want some assistance to design and cusomise their ACT! database to their business requirements.

(Option A) Day 1 – ACT! User Training as above, Day 2- ACT! Administrator Training and Database Customisation for Your Business.

(Option B) Day 1 – ACT! User Training as above, Day 2 – Swiftpage E-mail Marketing.

Saturday ACT! Training at Your Premises.

Due to popular request we are now offering on-site and remote ACT training on Saturdays. If it’s difficult getting your team together during the week then simply book your training session for a Saturday and ensure there are no disruptions to get the best value from your training day.

New – ACT! Training Bites. Remote training by the hour.

We log-in remotely to your PC and help with specific training or configuration problems you may have.
A bite sized training session lasts up to 1hour and costs £ 80 + vat per session.
Call 01902 756 836 to arrange your own ACT! Training Bite<

Long-Term Mentoring and Development

Many clients ask for a longer programme of support. We can set up a schedule of perhaps six on-site support days over a period of 12 months in which we work with you to develop your Act! database in line with your business needs and workflows and to provide your staff with the confidence and skills to maximise the benefit from the Act! system


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