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Act! Training

When you invest in a key piece of sales and marketing software for your business it’s critical that you can exploit all the functionality that is relevant to your organisation.

You wouldn’t send your sales people out in company cars if they’d never had driving lessons, and in a similar way you can’t expect them to “drive” your company CRM software without proper instruction.

That’s why it’s so important to invest in expert Act! Training for your team.

Act! is a big programme. It can do many things. But you might not need some of the functions in your specific business. That’s why I always tailor a training day to your requirements. I don’t do generic  A to Z training, it’s a waste of time. Instead we take a look at all the tools in the Act! tool box, we show you what they can do, then decide if they will work for your business. If they do, you will discover how to hone them for your specific requirements.

You will learn how to turn Act! into a central part of your sales and marketing activities.

I use Act! every day in my own business, so I can show you the hints tips and hidden gems you won’t read about in the manuals.

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