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BBM Support Plans

Our Act! Support Plans are designed to provide on-going practical help and assistance with your Act! database.

It’s like having your own Act! expert and “go-to” guy  available when you need him. I provide telephone, email and remote log-on support using TeamViewer, so if necessary I can access your computer or server to configure your Act! database.

Our Support Plans are primarily designed to provide functional and configuration support. We can handle a range of technical issues as well, but ultimately, Act! is owned by Swiftpage and they are probably the best people to call if something isn’t working properly.

Here’s an email exchange between one of our ACT! Support Plan clients and myself that happened recently.


“Hi Jeff

Could you make some additions to our second database as follows please:

1.       Add a new field under “Office” and label it “Benefit Type”. It should be a dropdown field that has 3 options: EPA, JMA   and AS
2.       Add the “Client Add Info” tab as per the Main database as we need to have the disability dropdown information

Could you also make the following change to the Main database:
1.       When selecting RDB from “Client Type” could this then open a further dropdown selection with stages 1 – 5

And finally, as I can’t figure out how to do this, could you please edit the dropdown menu in the Main database when adding an activity under “Scheduled for” – I need “John Smith” adding

Many thanks”

Me. “ No problem, I’ll make the changes this evening when you’ve all logged off”.


And that’s just one of the benefits of our BBM ACT! Support Plan. Not only do you get access to your own ACT! expert by phone or email, it’s someone you know and probably knows you, your systems and your business too.

So you get help and advice from an accredited ACT! Product Specialist when you need it AND if you need configuration changes done to your database we don’t just tell you how to do it, we can actually take control of your computer remotely and do those changes for you to ensure it all gets done correctly.

Our ACT! Remote Support Plans start from just £195 + vat per year for one or two users. Prices depend on the size and complexity of your Act! system, but we think you will be pleasantly surprised when we quote you a figure.

Call: 01902 756 836 or email me at for a quotation.