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Act! Relationships – The Act! Agony Aunt?

Dear Clare

My wife doesn’t understand me…..

Which may be true, but the Act! Relationships Tab isn’t about airing your personal problems.

Go on, take a look at the Tabs in your Act! software. Do you see one called Relationships? If you don’t, it’s probably because you have upgraded from an earlier version and it’s hidden from view.

Relationships Tab Only

To put it back where it belongs just click Tools > Design Layouts> Contact. When the Layout designer opens click Edit > Tabs. You’ll find relationships in the Hidden Tabs window on the left. Just highlight it and use the > arrow to move it to the right-hand window. Save and close the layout and your Relationships tab should now be visible.

Act! Relationships Tab Hidden


So, what is the Relationships Tab actually for? Well this is the place that you can define a relationship between two different contacts in your database.

It’s really useful when your database is made up of a range of contacts, not just Prospects and Customers, but aslo Contractors, Consultants, Installation Engineers and similar.

Here’s an example.

One of our Clients, Morgan Kennedy is using an independent Consultant, George Agen, to set up their new Act! CRM for their business. We have both Morgan and George in our own Act! database so we can put a link between them in the Relationships Tab.

Relate Contact

In the Morgan Kennedy’s Contact record we click the Relationships Tab the Add Relationship.

In the window that appears we first define tp whom Morgen is going to be related; in this case we pick George Agen from the dropdown list.

Next we define the relationship. Morgan is the Client. George is the Act Consultant.

Finally, we can add a few words to describe the project they are working on.

Click OK

We now have a line item in the Relationships Tab in Morgan’s contact record that shows that he’s working with a consultant, and that consultant is George.

Relationship Tab 02


Moreover, you will notice that the name George Agen is a hyperlink. Click it and you are taken to the George Agen contact record.

And in the Relationships Tab in George’s record you can see the link to all George’s clients, including Morgan.

Reletionships Tab George Agen













And that’s what the Relationships Tab does!