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Feature Pack 1 – Contact Timeline and Lead Capture

The first of the long promised “Feature Packs” for Act! 16.1 have been released.

Feature Packs are releases that provide extra features to the standard Act! database.

They can be applied to both Pro and Premium versions but not Act! for Web.

Two conditions must be met to take advantage of these Feature Packs.

Firstly, you must be running Act! version 16.1 (not 16.0) or higher. (Click Help > About Act! in your software to confirm which version you are running).

Secondly, you must have signed up to Swiftpage Act! Business Care with a Gold, Silver or Bronze plan. A Business Care Service only plan doesn’t qualify either.

The system now checks your Act! serial number to determine if you have a Business Care plan associated with it and will only allow the features to be run if you do!

You can download the Feature Packs from either Marketplace from within your Act! software, or follow the link on our web site,

Two Feature Packs are on offer at the moment is the Contact Timeline and Lead Capture.

Act! Contact Timeline

This presents all the activities associated with a specific contact to be displayed in a linear fashion in a new Timeline Tab.


Act Contact Timeline

The timeline show 29 days of activities; 14 days into the future and 14 days into the past, with today in the centre.

To change the dates on the screen you have to use the arrows to scroll left and right, one week at a time. Not very practical for viewing the timeline from six months ago, then.

Whatever timeframe you have on the screen the Reset button takes you back to the default “today” view.

There’s some limited filtering of what’s shown on the screen from the “Types” dropdown where you can select Opportunities, Notes, History, or Activities.

Completed activities are shown as History icons.

You can also elect not to see the text next to the icons via the check box.

Finally, if you click any of the icons the corresponding Edit window pops up.


Lead Capture

This is  something of a work in progress at the moment.

The idea is that you create a Group into which all your new leads will go.

Each Group gets an additional “Lead Capture” tab from where you can create your form.

Form design is limited to just two options, Basic and Extended.

You can change the wording on the form but you can’t change or select the fields in any way.


When complete, the form is hosted by Swiftpage. You can access the form either from a link or by embedding the code into your web site.

Apart from the limited editing abilities the other major issue is that you have to manually visit that Group and click a button to discover if you have any leads.

So it’s very basic. If you want the functionality I would recommend from Exponenciel. It’s free of charge for up to 30 leads per month and is a million times better than this sad alternative.