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Farewell Protexis – It’s Finally Gone

It has been expected since 1st jan but it has finally happened. 

The 3rd party embedded licensing service known as ‘Protexis/Arvato’, which previously serviced Act! serial keys has officially been deactivated. 


What does that mean to you?


Users of supported version of Act!, namely v18 or newer should be able to maintain their database services with the updates provided.  If customers have not already updated their Act! application to the new licensing system, please visit the download pages for the free patch updates: 


UK and Europe downloads


Customers should verify their version by clicking “Help>About Act!” and check for the version, and the number of characters in your license key. If it is 30-character key, the  system is updated and fine for continued use. If there is a 20-character key, you will need to update the application, forthwith.


Users of unsupported versions of Act!, namely v17 or older, are now at risk and must upgrade to a supported version to avoid service disruption. To learn more about the issue with the embedded third party licensing service, please visit the following links:


UK and Europe information