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Farewell Protexis – It’s Finally Gone

It has been expected since 1st jan but it has finally happened.  The 3rd party embedded licensing service known as ‘Protexis/Arvato’, which previously serviced Act! serial keys has officially been deactivated.    What does that mean to you?   Users of supported version of Act!, namely v18 or newer should be able to maintain their […]

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Why ALL Act! Users need to update their software NOW

Sorry to sound so dramatic, but this is kind-of urgent. There’s a 3rd party application in Act! that controls licensing. It’s called Protexis and for the last 14 years or so it’s been happily doing just that. Periodically, Act! software asks Protexis if this user has a valid license and Protexis goes out and checks. […]

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A New Release of ACT! Hits the Streets

Hot news! I’ve just heard that ACT! 2009 V11.10 will be available from 21st March 2009. So, what changes have been made to ACT! 2009 v11.10? ACT! 2009 v11.10 introduces a number of software improvements, which are documented in Knowledgebase Article 23645. Some of the key improvements include: Improved installation experience – There are now […]

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