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Why ALL Act! Users need to update their software NOW

Sorry to sound so dramatic, but this is kind-of urgent. There’s a 3rd party application in Act! that controls licensing. It’s called Protexis and for the last 14 years or so it’s been happily doing just that. Periodically, Act! software asks Protexis if this user has a valid license and Protexis goes out and checks. […]

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How to add house prices to your Act! CRM database.

If you’re interested in property prices and you have an Act! database, here’s a great way to combine the two. Click the Web Info Tab Click “Edit Links” Click “Add” In Site Name type: In URL type:{Postcode}+0   Enjoy! To find out how you can get more out of your Act! database why […]

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It’s Only Words

Had a call yesterday from someone who was having trouble with an ACT! template in Word. What he was trying to do was quite simple; he was just adding the address fields separated by a comma and a space to a document template.The weird thing was that when he used the template parts of the […]

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