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Act! 16 Service Pack 1 (v16.1)

Act! V16 Service Pack 1 (V16.1)

Scheduled release date Tuesday 6th May 2014

Download links and instructions will be provided when available.

What is Act! v16 Service Pack 1?

This unique release is actually a Service Pack and a Feature Pack rolled into one. The release contains typical Service Pack elements such as bug fixes and product enhancements, but also enables Act! emarketing as a new feature along with Business Care exclusive benefits.

What new features does it deliver?

Act! emarketing.

An all-new email marketing facility is now incorporated directly in all versions of Act!, INCLUDING for the first time, Act! for Web. Yes, that’s right, you can now manage your email marketing campaigns directly from the Act! for Web interface.

To access the Act! emarketing system you can click the new Emarketing button in the Navigation Bar or click the new Emarketing item in the top menu bar.emarketing view



The system provides a range of pre-formatted html email templates that can be customised using the new on-line editor. Alternatively, you can upload your own templates for use in the system. You can send your email campaigns directly to individuals, lookups, Groups or Companies within you Act! database without having to manually upload the email addresses first.

After the event you can access a range of different reports and crucially, you can access a “Call List” of the recipients who responded the most positively to your email message.

The free trial allows you to send to 100 named contacts per month for 60 days and you subscribe to the service “Basic” to increase the send level (base level is 500/month) and to access the call-list features in “Pro”.

As the first release of this platform it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of Swiftpage Email marketing, now renamed “Swiftpage emarketing”, for example each individual Act! user has their own account, so there’s no sharing of templates allowed, but for smaller companies, it’s a welcome introduction to the world of email marketing.

Existing Swiftpage emarketing users can continue to use this system, if preferred. There is no connection between the two email marketing platforms but they can both run in parallel if required.

Plug-in Manager

Many Act! Add-on applications work as “plug-ins”, they literally add a file to the Act! Plugins folder. The Plug-In Manager has been available in the past as a separate plug-in itself, but is now a standard part of the programme. This means that you have a way of enabling and disabling the add-on products that you have installed locally on your PC.

Other Changes

Integrated Act! Marketplace

Act! have now set up their own on-line store for Add-On products and services. This Act! Marketplace can now be accessed directly from within the Act! Special offers and discounts are available to some customers who have taken out Business Care contracts along with the software.

Business Care Updates

To drive the uptake of business Care contracts users are being courted with a variety of tempting offers. The first is a hefty discount off the new Act! emarketing package.

Expect to see more benefits being rolled out on a regular basis in future months.

Customers with Bronze, Silver or Gold levels of Business Care will also receive future “Feature Pack” releases. These will provide added benefits or functionality over and above that available at the time of the Service Pack 1 release. If you don’t have Business Care you won’t get the updates and your only option will be to wait for the next major version release (presumably Act! 17) and pay for the upgrade to get the new features.

With the release of Act! 16 Service Pack 1, a line has been drawn under the previous way of doing things. This is the last time that Act! users will be entitled to get an upgrade that contains both a feature Pack and a Service Pack free of charge. The new system can automatically determine whether you are entitled to Feature Packs, Service Packs or nothing at all, depending on the level of Business Care contract that you have.

Bug Fixes

What Issues are resolved?

Sixty-four bugs / issues have been fixed in this service pack. A full list can be found here:


For training on the new versions of Act! 16 and the all new Act! emarketing please call Jeff on 0845 6036755 or visit our Act! Training Page on the web site.