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It’s Only Words

Had a call yesterday from someone who was having trouble with an ACT! template in Word. What he was trying to do was quite simple; he was just adding the address fields separated by a comma and a space to a document template.The weird thing was that when he used the template parts of the […]

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Variety is the Spice…

Last week was really busy, delivering ACT! training to Leeds University, a training consultancy in Ross on Wye, an energy company in Newark and finally an amazing hologram company in London.Wow, that’s a range of different requirements. One of the things I do with clients is work with them to modify and customise the plain […]

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Meanderings of an ACT Software Trainer

I’ll admit that as a career it wouldn’t suit everyone, but you know what; I really enjoy being an ACT! trainer. I suppose I could have been a piano teacher or flying instructor but for the fact that I can’t play the piano or fly a plane. For anyone who doesn’t know, ACT! is a […]

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